Be Worthwhile, It’s Too Easy – Winning Pitch

This brief was set by The Drum and Mashable to create a campaign for the launch of Be Worthwhile; an app which matches volunteers with charities based on their skills and location.

It’s Too Easy was designed to show people that volunteering for charity doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming, but instead it can utilise your skills in a new or different format.

The idea was to launch at Advertising Week Europe 2016 – people attending the event would be invited in to an event space to take part in a 10 minute hack for a charity that would be filmed for social media.

The charity, however, would be fake and the brief that needs to be answered would be questionable – live actors would play the part of the organisation leaders to convince the participants that the process is legit.

After 10 minutes, the participants would share their answer to the brief and it would be revealed that the event was a hoax set up by Be Worthwhile – the app would then be introduced.

Making the process fun takes away the serious aspect of volunteering for charity and would encourage people to use their skills to answer the brief.

The idea was that people would sit back and think “I’ve just spent 10 minutes working on a pretend brief for a pretend charity… Imagine what I could do in 10 minutes, or an hour, or a day for a REAL charity.”

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