All Walks Beyond The Catwalk – Diversity NOW! 2016

This brief was set by All Walks Beyond The Catwalk for their Diversity NOW! 2016 competition. The brief was to create a graphic piece of work which celebrates the idea of diversity within fashion.
My idea was to play on the idea of a model card to expose the modelling industry as one which is hugely focussed on size, race and shape. I wanted to show how models are treated like livestock; often spending hours at castings to be looked at and talked about as if they are not in the room.
I have redesigned the model card in a way which highlights the benefits of getting to know all of the people who are working for you, whether they are making the clothes or wearing them. I want this to be a wake-up call to the industry and a message to make people get to know the models that they are working with; after all, you wouldn’t hire anyone else in your team based solely on looks.

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