Annie Locker



Annie Elizabeth

As a Fashion Promotion graduate from Ravensbourne University, I am excited by good graphic design and branding and would love to work within the advertising industry. I chose to study Fashion Promotion after spending a year on a graphic design foundation course to help me decide which area of the creative industry I wanted to be a part of.

Fashion has always been interesting to me; I am fascinated by trend forecasting and exploring websites like WGSN and LS:N Global has allowed me to learn more about the forecasting process. I have also worked with Jasper Garvida; the designer at the helm of fashion brand Éthologie, for two seasons on his PR team which has given me an insight in to the fashion industry as well as experience in organising and running two London Fashion Week shows.

Although I have started out with a fashion background, throughout my four years at Ravensbourne I have developed a strong graphic style and an excitement for branding and advertising. I recently pitched a campaign idea to The Drum and Mashable for their launch of the Be Worthwhile app and won the pitch, allowing me to develop my idea to go live at Advertising Week Europe 2016.

I currently work part-time at Apple as a Specialist in their Covent Garden flagship store. Having this job has allowed me to become highly proficient in iOS and OS X softwares; it has also enabled me to meet a lot of creative people and collaborate on personal projects outside of work.